Army Trials Eligibility Criteria

The Army Trials 2018 application window is now closed.

Eligibility Rules

Two Year Rule: Beginning with the 2015 DoD Warrior Games, Athletes are allowed to compete a maximum of two (2) times in the DoD Warrior Games.

  • Athletes that competed in the 2015 DoD Warrior Games will only be allowed to compete in one additional DoD Warrior Games.
  • Team Alternates who never competed in a DoD Warrior Games competition will not have that year counted against her/him.
  • An Alternate who competed in any DoD Warrior Games competition has used a year of eligibility.

Paralympian Eligibility Rules

Athletes who have achieved any of the following standards on or before 1 Jan 2018 and within the past two years, are NOT ELIGIBLE to compete in event(s) within a sport for the current and future DoD Warrior Games:

  • Paralympic Games
  • IPC World Championships
  • IPC international competition (athlete is a member of the U.S.A. Para Team, and/or U.S.A. Para Elite/National Team Member)

Paralympic or National Team members cannot participate in the event in which they compete at the Paralympic, World, or National level. Athletes who are ineligible in event(s) within a sport may compete in other sports or in a different event within the same sport.


  • A U.S.A. Paralympic wheelchair basketball player may compete in any sport other than wheelchair basketball.
  • A Paralympian who runs or has run the 200m cannot run the 200m at Warrior Games. They may run any other distance.

Athletes who have been announced/named to a Paralympic or National Team are ineligible to compete in the event for which they’ve been Paralympic or National Team selected.


  • Athlete was named to the U.S.A. Paralympic Swimming Team in 2017 to swim the 400. That Athlete may not swim the 400 at Warrior Games.

Athletes who have traveled with a Paralympic or National Team as non-members, and did not compete at the National or International level as part of that team, are eligible as Warrior Games athletes.


  • An Athlete who traveled to an IPC (International Paralympic Committee) World Championship with the U.S.A. wheelchair basketball team as a non-member is eligible to compete in wheelchair basketball at Warrior Games. This Athlete may have practiced or participated in skills clinics with the team, but was not a named team member, nor did they compete as part of the team.

Active Duty / National Guard / Army Reserve Soldiers

Active duty, including National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers in drilling status, interested in Army Trials must contact their Regional Health Command rep or WTB Adaptive Reconditioning site coordinator for how to participate.

Veteran Application Process

The Adaptive Reconditioning Program is accepting applications from 1 Nov - 5 Dec from Veterans interested in competing at Army Trials 2018. All Veterans interested in participating should complete the application and submit it to the AR Mailbox.

If you are not available to attend 25 Feb - 9 Mar 2018, please do not apply. Please note, Veteran funding is not guaranteed. Veterans should plan and be prepared to cover travel, lodging, and meal costs. However, Veterans can also secure donors or provide their own funding to attend Army Trials.

If you have any questions while filling out the application, email them to the AR Mailbox.

Selection Criteria:

  • Must have an honorable discharge from the Army.
  • Volunteer to be subject to a National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Check.
    • Required to gain entrance to a military installation.
  • Must be able to attend entire Army Trials: 25 Feb – 9 Mar 2018.
  • Must be eligible to compete at the DoD Warrior Games 2018 (see rules on eligibility).

Preference for selection:

  • Veterans who were assigned to the WCT and have separated from the Army since Jan 2017.
  • Veterans who have not participated in the Warrior Games and/or Army Trials.
  • Veterans who participate in more than one individual sport.

Veteran’s Stipend: Athletes who are on Developmental Teams and/or receive a Veteran’s Administration Monthly Assistance Allowance and meet the eligibility requirements above, are eligible to compete in the DoD Warrior Games.

Invictus Games Participants: Athletes who competed in the previous Invictus Games are eligible for the DoD Warrior Games provided they meet the prescribed eligibility requirements listed above.