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Warrior Care Month 2016: Triad of Care

As part of the Warrior Care and Transition Program, the Triad of Care is a dedicated team made up of a Primary Care Manager (PCM), Nurse Case Manager (NCM), and Squad Leader (SL)/Platoon Sergeant (PSG). Every WTU Soldier is assigned a Triad of Care, at a minimum, to guide them through their recovery and transition. Continue reading to learn how the Triad of Care helped one WTU Soldier transition successfully.

Master Sgt. Tommy Munford

As a patient administration specialist Master Sgt. Tommy Munford is responsible for supervising and performing administrative duties for patients in an Army hospital. Read more...

Warrior Care Month 2016

WCM Events

Monday: November 14
  • Joint services Wheelchair Exhibition
Wednesday: November 16
  • Hiring Heroes Career Fair
Thursday: November 17
  • Joint Services Sitting Volleyball Tournament


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