Army Trials 2016 Events

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3rd Annual Army Trials Competition Schedule Events

Date Time Event Location Results
06 MAR 15
0900-1200 Cycling Competition Tank Trail Caisson and Rifleman See Results
1800-2100 WCB Assessment Soto Gym  
07 MAR 15
0900-1200 Shooting Competition Milam Gym See Results
08 MAR 15
0900-UTC Track & Field Competition Stout Track See Results
09 MAR 15
0900-UTC Archery Competition Milam Gym See Results
1800-2100 SVB Assessment Soto Gym  
10 MAR 15
0900-UTC Swimming Competition Aquatic Center See Results
The total number of events is 7


Event Schedule

Sunday: 06 March
  • Cycling
  • Wheelchair Basketball Assessment
Monday: 07 March
  • Shooting
Tuesday: 08 March
  • Track and Field
Wednesday: 09 March
  • Archery
  • Sitting Volleyball Assessment
Thursday: 10 March
  • Swimming

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