At 14 Warrior Transition Units (WTUs) across the country, wounded, ill and injured Soldiers have one mission: to heal and prepare for transition. Cadre are the front line leaders caring for our Soldiers and their Families, ensuring the recovery and reintegration of wounded, ill and injured Soldiers and Veterans.

If you are an existing Cadre member and have specific questions and/or would like to share lessons learned with ARCP and other Cadre members, please visit our WTU/CCU Cadre Collaboration Portal. The Cadre Collaboration Portal is restricted to existing Cadre members only and requests for access will be validated by ARCP HQ before requestors are notified of approval.

If you are interested in becoming a Cadre member and would like more information on ARCP, WTUs/CCUs, and the Cadre selection process, please contact us at .