Writing Effective Position Descriptions

Writing Effective Position Descriptions

While the skills and experiences acquired in the military are highly transferable, matching these to traditional position descriptions can be difficult. To ensure employers don’t miss the opportunity to work with our skilled Soldiers and Veterans, it is important for employers to write position descriptions that are easy to understand by Soldiers, Veterans, and their Families.

Why are Effective Position Descriptions Important?

Effective position descriptions help potential employees know what is expected of them – even before they apply. It is always a good idea for employers to revisit job descriptions annually to ensure they are accurate and true to the mission of the company. The more specific the job description, the more likely the company will attract Veteran candidates who understand how their skills and experience can translate to the company's bottom line.

Strategies for Making the Connection and Writing Effective Position Descriptions

When drafting and reviewing position descriptions, employers should consider the following:

  • Does the description clearly describe the position's purpose and overall contribution to the company?
  • What are the essential and non-essential functions of the position?
  • When including non-essential, marginal, or less-frequent duties, consider:
  • Physical requirements (standing, walking, lifting, bending)
    Learned skills (equipment proficiency, industry experience)
    Job duties (travel, hours, shifts)
    Behavioral skills (communication, leadership, time management)
  • Identify or describe the physical environment and working conditions.
  • What level of education and/or experience is needed to successfully accomplish the essential functions of the job? How might military experience equate?
  • What do other employees, departments, and customers count on this person to do? Include expectations relating to deadlines, customer service, and company success. Linking responsibilities to company goals helps the employee see how the position fits into the “big picture.”

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