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Soldier and Family Assistance Centers (SFACs)

Soldier and Family Assistance Centers

Soldier and Family Assistance Center

Soldier and Family Assistance Centers (SFACs) are located near most Soldier Recovery Units (SRUs) to assist wounded, ill and injured Soldiers and their Families. SFACs are comprehensive, centralized coordinating offices that provide a variety of services to assist Soldiers and their Families with administrative and personal needs during their stay at the SRU. Download the SFAC Fact Sheet for more information.

The Soldier’s squad leader will escort the Soldier and his/her Family to the SFAC within the first week at the SRU.

SFAC services vary from installation to installation. Certain Army programs have representatives in the SFAC; other services can be arranged on an as-needed basis. Most SFACs provide assistance with the items listed below:

Logistics Services

  • Ground transportation
  • Housing
  • Installation access
  • Relocation services
  • Travel services
  • Vehicle registration

Financial Services

  • Donations management
  • Emergency financial assistance
  • Finance (military pay, travel pay, and per diem reimbursements)
  • Money management

Personnel Services

Family Assistance and Support Programs

Transition Services

Army Programs

Federal Programs

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