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Soldier Recovery Unit

Soldier Recovery Units (SRUs)

The U.S. Army established Soldier Recovery Units (SRUs) at major military treatment facilities (MTFs) located around the world. SRUs provide personalized support to wounded, ill and injured Soldiers who require at least six months of rehabilitative care and complex medical management.

A SRU closely resembles a "line" Army unit, with professional Cadre and integrated Army processes that build on the Army's strength of unit cohesion and teamwork so that wounded Soldiers can focus on healing before transitioning back to Army or civilian status. Within a SRU, wounded, ill and injured Soldiers work with their Triad of Care - primary care manager (normally a physician), nurse case manager, and squad leader – who coordinate their care with other clinical and non-clinical professionals.

SRU Fact Sheet

Community Care Units (CCUs) provide command and medical management assistance to Soldiers as they navigate the Army’s medical treatment system to successfully reintegrate back into the force or transition from the Army. Soldiers whose medical situation allows may receive the same services at a CCU, a unit within the SRU, while recovering at home through the TRICARE network with the support of their Families and communities.

CCU Fact Sheet

SRU Locations

To locate and find contact information for a specific SRU, visit the SRU Locations page.

SPC Joshua Kerber poses with his Triad of Care: Dr. Mark Passamonti, CPT Lashon Duncanson, and SGT Candice Dawkins.

SPC Joshua M. Kerber poses with his Triad of Care: Dr. Mark L. Passamonti, CPT Lashon S. Duncanson, and SGT Candice L. Dawkins.