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Opening Ceremony blows into Falcon Stadium

In the days leading up to the opening ceremony of the 2018 Department of Defense Warrior Games, lightning strikes and high wind warnings couldn’t stop the athletes from ceremoniously marching into Falcon Stadium.

Fields of green where warriors roam

Team Army was primed, pumped, and ready to compete on June 1, 2018, until a high wind warning swept through Colorado Springs and the U.S. Air Force Academy outdoor track and field facility and postponed competition before it began.

Team Army: On track to the winning formula

Track events are one of the most widely watched and covered sports at the 2018 Warrior Games.

The ties that bind

U.S Army Sgt. 1st Class Heather Moran’s life fits like the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

Goal-oriented Wilson reaches 2018 DoD Warrior Games

U.S. Army veteran Capt. Alex Wilson was on patrol with his element in Sab al Bor, Iraq, northwest of Baghdad.

Sgt. David Crook: Living the good life

A brand new baby, a chance to represent Team Army at the 2018 Warrior Games.

Army athletes get acclimated to high altitude ahead of Warrior Games in Colorado Springs

When training hard for a big competition, athletes know how important it is to stop and take a breather.

Billy Demby: A second chance at life

It was a very difficult time for me, sports was my life until I got hurt. The accident nearly killed my soul.

Wounded warrior athlete brings ‘Aloha’ to Warrior Games

Less than a year ago U.S. Army Sgt. Samuel Daniels, a wounded warrior athlete, stationed at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii, was introduced to the Army Warrior Care and Transition’s adaptive sports program.

"I will not take off this uniform"

In 2016, the Combat Engineer was part of Operation Key Resolve in the Republic of Korea when he felt a sharp pain while setting up a tent.

1st Sgt. Michele Garner: Living life to the fullest with no regrets

Hard work, perseverance, and determination are all the ingredients retired 1st Sgt. Michele Garner needed to set her on the track towards success at an early age.

To the United States from Canada with love

Identically dressed in red tee shirts, every Friday at 9:35 am, students at Longue Sault Public Elementary school in Long Sault, Ontario Canada prepare for the Special Operations Program.

Finding out what you CAN do

After three deployments over six years, Staff Sgt. Shawn Runnells found himself managing injuries to his knee and shoulder.

Permanent Injuries do NOT mean permanent situations

Scary but true, we've all probably been there in a car either as the driver or passenger.

Sgt. 1st Class Julio Rodriquez: Coming out of the darkness

"Those two days were the end of who I was and the beginning of the person I am becoming."

Colon Cancer? Meet a true Warrior!

This is not the face of defeat, it's not the face of fear. This is the face of defiance on Army Sgt. 1st Class Daniel Foiles who will not let cancer beat him.

When life gets tough, Master Sgt. Aaron De Los Santos gets tougher

After dealing with a back injury and several autoimmune diseases including rheumatoid arthritis and lupus, U.S. Army Master Sgt. Aaron De Los Santos says his body paid a price.

Cycle through the pain

Being a Combat Medic takes serious dedication and courage. Sgt. 1st Class James Shields found out the depths of his Army Career choice in 2007 in the middle of the night on a mission to pick up Marines who he thought were critical patients.

Staff Sgt. Claymore T. Kwaramba: A story of resilience

Staff Sgt. Claymore T. Kwaramba says he is a walking talking miracle and living life to the fullest. Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Africa, the son of immigrant parents moved to Dallas, Texas in 1993.

Know a Nurse, Know a hero

Florence Nightingale was a very real person. The English Nurse founded what is known as professional nursing back in 1853.

Former Marine turned Soldier "bows up" at injuries

Sgt. Brent Sixkiller has seen his share of action. Prior to joining the Army, Sixkiller spent six years as a Marine, one of those deployed to Gereshk, Afghanistan.

U.S. Army athletes named to Team U.S. for the 2018 Invictus Games

The Department of Defense has announced the names of the 72 servicemen and women who will represent Team U.S. this fall at the 2018 Invictus Games in Sydney, Australia October 20-27.

The Army...a way up not a way out

Sgt. 1st Class Jackie Tucker has done it all for more than 30 years and is the epitome of the phrase, 'been there, done that.'

Soldier perseveres through cancer battle after losing sister to same disease

In the Army, you train to overcome challenges and adversity to complete the mission.

Find your purpose and make a difference

'I never imagined that I would be working at Amazon when I was in the Warrior Transition Battalion.'

Staff Sgt. Stephanie Brown: One arrow at a time

Staff Sgt. Stephanie Brown has a passion for archery, so much so she’s passed it down to her daughters; Debra and Katharina.

Third time's a charm

The definition of determination can be simplified into two words: Ernesto Altamirano.

Spc. Brent Garlic: A story of legacy, lessons and commitment

Spc. Brent Garlic's journey into the military reads like a novel full of legacy and life lessons.

Army Capt. Kenny Rodgers knows when to hold 'em

Just like the country music song by a recording artist with the same name, U.S. Army Captain Kenny Rodgers believes it might be time to "fold 'em" on his military career.

Army veteran keeps on smiling through the ups and downs of recovery

When Army veteran Monemany Xaysana walks into a room, the first thing you notice is her contagious smile. The Virginia native has a bubbly personality that stands in contrast to the true grit she's shown to overcome the obstacles life has thrown her way.

Sgt. Charles "Buddy" Mays: Role reversal - how one dad is using adaptive sports to make his kids proud

Mays' life changed forever on September 1, 2005 while on a deployment to Iraq. He was involved in an explosion when a bomb detonated under his Humvee [which was activated by a cell phone].

Spc. Angel Euson: Facing life’s challenges head on

Spc. Angel Euson is rising from the ashes and getting ready to face her next challenge.

AW2 Advocate: Not for everyone, but it’s good for everyone.

U.S. Army Reserve Capt. Brandon Henderson-Adams enlisted in the Army in 1993 and received his commission in 2010

2018 Team Army members announced

The U.S. Army Warrior Care and Transition has selected 40 wounded, ill and injured Soldiers and veterans who will represent Team Army at the...

Spc. Drew Joyner and Pfc. Lauren Jahn: Two of a kind

At the 2018 Army Trials, you can’t miss the guy with the neon pink sneakers and funky hair sometimes covered by a festive sombrero.

My limitations don't define me

U.S. Army Reserve Sgt. 1st Class Joseph Henao was once a part of the leadership at the Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Stewart, Ga., now he is a Soldier in transition.

From Immigrant to Soldier, this journey was worth it

Army National Guard Sgt. Manthan Patel has heard all the jokes and does not want to be a cliché..

Ready, set, spike! Army veteran helps Soldiers find their way back to true self

At 6 feet 2 inches tall, Army veteran Sarah Hughbanks, who is volunteering as an assistant coach at the 2018 Army Trials for sitting volleyball, has a bird’s-eye view of Wounded Warriors on the volleyball court.

Soldiers, veterans on target at 2018 Army Trials archery competition

Sixteen wounded, ill or injured service members vied for gold in an elimination-style competition during the 2018 Army Trials Archery Competition at Fort Bliss, Texas, March 5.

Coach Jessie White: Building the confidence to try anything

Jessie White had his confidence shook to the core in 2007 when he was blown up in Iraq while serving as an Infantry Calvary Scout.

Army Injury shapes desire to give back after transition out

U.S. Army Spc. Brooke Conley has always known she wanted to work in medicine.

Sgt. Jonathan Weasner: Looking Forward

Watching Sgt. Jonathan Weasner navigate on a track is like trying to catch lighting in a bottle.

Powerlifting introduced at 2018 Army Trials

The sounds of weights clinging and clanking are not new to most Soldiers as part of their regular fitness routines.

Adaptive rowing introduced at 2018 Army Trials

To most athletes, a one-minute sprint may not sound too challenging. Add in resistance, full-body motion and other competitors, and the task may not be as easy as it sounds anymore.

Staff Sgt. Stephanie Brown: Finishing her Army career on her own terms

Carnal malformation of the brain, severe scoliosis, osteoporosis, bursitis in hips and knees.

Capt. Eric Lintelmann: The WTU: a one stop shop to return to duty

For Capt. Eric Lintelmann joining the Army was a no brainer.

World Class Kayaker wants to be Ultimate Warrior

Before she traveled the world on the U.S. Canoe and Kayak Team, retired U.S. Army Spc. Tracy Hines was a parachute rigger for the 5th Quartermaster Battalion, 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team.

Spc. Nicholas Cathcart: Life is sweeter if you suffer a little

"Without competition, you will never see where you stack up or know how much you still have to grow."

Don't tell me I can't!

Spc. Joshua Fortin was always an active kind of kid. Soccer and skateboarding were his main sports.

Finding their "bliss"

Soldiers and veterans came from all areas of the country Saturday and find their sporting El Paso, Texas.

Staff Sgt. Dorian Rhoten: Soldier, mentor, and athlete... a triple threat

The taped message “Incoming missile this is not a drill," was very real and something Staff Sgt. Dorian Rhoten remembers very well.

Maj. Christina Truesdale: Cheating death and winning in life

To say Maj. Christina Truesdale, a flight surgeon, jumpmaster and veterinarian is lucky to be alive after several injuries and health challenges almost cost [her] her life is an understatement.

These games change lives

Nearly the entire world’s attention, in some way, is focused on the Winter Olympics Games happening right now in PyeongChang, South Korea.

Heart Disease: A hazard in the military

Women across the nation are seeing red this month – to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease.

You've been served

When Dr. Lisa Maddox was a Girl Scout, she witnessed the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington Cemetery.

2018 Army Trials set to begin at Fort Bliss

Warrior Care and Transition has announced the selection of more than 100 wounded warrior athletes to compete in the 2018 Army Trials at Fort Bliss, Texas.

Taking aim beyond the games

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you would do just about anything to obtain it?

Unbreakable Bonds

For U.S. Army Spc. Mitchell Bombeck, joining the military was a no brainer. It’s a family tradition.

Spc. Katherine Morrin: Pain is weakness leaving the body

At one point or another, we’ve all heard the saying "no pain, no gain."

Getting back on "track" for battle

Sgt. Craig Netter has been working hard to get back on the track and in shape to compete at the 2018 Army Trials.

Staff Sgt. Chris Montes: Setting a new learning curve...

Running, marathons, hiking, weight lifting, they all sound like heaven to an avid sportsman, but a torn anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, could mean the end of an active lifestyle.

Sgt. 1st Class Heather Moran: Talking the talk and walking the walk

U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Heather Moran doesn’t have room for negativity. Positivity fills every fiber of her being.

Army Warrior Care and Transition Advocate helps Soldier get financially fit

Deployments, separation anxiety and credit card debt, are among the many challenges military families may face at some point during their careers.

The Army Nurse Corps 117 years old

Many contributions to the American way of life as we know it today were developed in 1901. The first major oil discovery happened in Texas, professional baseball’s American League were created, the vacuum cleaner was invented and the Army Nurse Corps was established.

Dr. Rory Cooper: The Innovative Engineer

When Oprah talks, everyone listens and this month, she's listening intently to retired Army Sergeant Dr. Rory Cooper.

"Checkmate" to PTSD

Going to war on a battlefield could be compared to a game of chess. Strategic moves are needed to advance and conquer.

The Art of Exhibiting Courage

An art exhibit can be many things to many people – different styles and tastes that will hopefully render an artist a success. Success in this case is the courage exhibited by Sgt. Neil Kurtys.

Sgt. 1st Class Lakeshea Drayton: "Yes I Can"

Long before former President Barack Obama charged the country with his campaign slogan "Yes We Can," Sgt. 1st Class Lakeshea Drayton says the Army was preparing her for this slogan as her life motto.

Medaling with marksmanship = Brain Power

Brain Surgery. Just the words would make one shudder. The uneasy feeling of having seizures and learning you have a mass in the frontal lobe of your brain is something Sgt. Aaron Averre won’t soon forget.

Burnis Johnson: How an Injury lead to an IT Victory...

Reinventing yourself is never easy, it usually means diving into a new and improved version of yourself head-first.

BReadi(ness), Set, Go!

Readiness is not something the U.S. Army takes lightly. In fact, it's the number one priority for Army leadership.

Archived Stories

Soldier in transition feels like rock star at inaugural ball

Apollo 11 astronaut, Buzz Aldrin was front and center at the January 19, 2017 All - American Inaugural Ball in Washington, D.C.

2017 National Defense Authorization Act and Presidential Executive Order and Soldiers in transition employment

Recently approved provisions of the 2017 National Defense Authorization Act.

Soldier Story: Sgt. Mary Sawyer

While recovering at the Fort Campbell Warrior Transition Battalion, Sgt. Mary Sawyer began taking college courses with the ultimate goal of obtaining a degree in project management.

2017 Wounded Warrior Trials Commence

Our nation's wounded, ill, and injured service members and veterans are scheduled to compete in Warrior Games Team Trials.

Proper nutrition improves transitioning Soldier readiness

Diet and nutrition play an integral role in maintaining Army readiness.

Warrior Care and Transition staff urged to ‘walk the talk' in 26-week Health Challenge

Growing accustomed to thinking in terms of another kind of triad in addition to the Triad of Care that is their usual center of attention.

WCT bids farewell to Staff Sgt. Carlton Duncan, epitome of a Non-Commissioned Officer

Inside the packed confines of a conference room within the Arlington, Virginia headquarters of the United States Army Medical Command's Deputy Chief of Staff

CSF2 training points Soldiers toward readiness and resilience

Soldiers learned the differences between fixed, mixed and growth mindsets,among other performance techniques,during a four-hour Executive Resilience and Performance course.

WCTP Provides Soldiers a Blueprint for Success

Frequent moves, credit card debt and separation anxiety, many military families will face these challenges' at some point during and after a deployment.

Soldier On camp is more than Winter Sports

"It made my day and made me feel special as if he knew that I needed the interaction as much as he did"

Soldier On participant seeks Team Army Warrior Games selection and to return to duty

"Securing a position with Team Army will be great but continuing my career in the Army is my main goal"

Wounded Warriors introduced to Yoga at Soldier On

"Today, I'm using the medication and breathing techniques of yoga to help me and I want to show others that the physical aspect of yoga is only a small portion,"

Return to duty; that's our track, what's yours?

Warrior Care and Transition ensures that everything possible is done to enable Soldiers to return to duty.

Allied Winter Sports Camp is a hit for Soldiers in transition

Six Soldiers in transition from several U.S. Army Warrior Transition Units were introduced to winter sports at the Allied Winter Sports Camp

Listening to Army Warrior Care and Transition System users is key to ever-improving the system

Ernest Hemingway spoke of the importance of listening, saying that he learned a great deal by listening carefully to what others had to say.

Army's Warrior Care Transition Program celebrates milestone

During the month of February, the Warrior Care and Transition Program welcomed its 75,000th entry

Spc. Axel Collazo: Life imitating art

Spc. Axel Collazo remembers the exact moment he knew he was artistically gifted.

Inspired Soldiers embody legacy of Black History Month

Black History Month is a time to remember and celebrate the contributions of African Americans to the fabric of our nation.

Internships are all about setting Soldiers up for success

Army Spc. James Matthews of New Jersey had several years of law enforcement experience under his belt before joining the military.

Remaining resilient. A family's story of love and sacrifice

There are those precious moments that a parent revels in, a child's first steps, and the loss of their first tooth or the first day of school.

Sgt. 1st Class Michael K. Smith bids farewell to Warrior Care and Transition

His name is synonymous with resilience and passion, just two of the endearing qualities Sgt. 1st Class Mike Smith.

Infantryman surprised in meeting newly elected President at inaugural dinner

Spc. James Matthews (left) with President Trump and other wounded, ill and injured Soldiers from Washington, D.C. area.

Force Management Officer lands tech giant internship

Maj. LaRon Somerville will soon trade in his military uniform for a more corporate look this summer.

Heart Disease – A Growing Concern for the Military

It's a bold color that often stands out and is synonymous with our hearts.

Recurring workshops are key to help Soldiers find work in the civilian sector

Employment-based workshops are a crucial component to assist Soldiers entering the civilian workforce.

Bozgoz is back on track

Being a runner was always a part of her life and after retiring from the Army and transitioning...

Soldier takes aim at new life

Millions of rocks, swift winds and dry air are no stranger to Victorville, California native ...

Behind the scenes at the Army Trials

Behind the scenes of the 2017 Army Trials, the WCT operations team is dedicated to making the event happen seamlessly...

Cold snap greets Army Trials athletes on first day of training

With winds gusting at 30 miles per hour, El Paso, Texas would seem to be a safe place...

Army Nurse revives unconscious Soldier

Maj. Rao Dorcelly is prepared for medical emergencies...

Fort Bliss Army Trials team plans to bring experience and fresh faces to 2017 competition

Fort Bliss's team is gearing up to compete in the Army Trials, which will go down this weekend...

Preparations underway for annual Army Trials

The Army Trials are essentially the qualifiers for the Department of Defense Warrior Games...

WCT Army Trials kicks off at Fort Bliss

After a long day of travel and little time to recuperate, Soldiers and Veterans from coast-to-coast..

U.S. Army Captain provides added support during Army Trials

Captain Kelly Elmlinger is the picture of resilience.

55th Signal Company (Combat Camera) supports Army Warrior Care and Transition's Army Trials 2017

As athletes arrive to compete at Army Warrior Care and Transition's Army Trials 2017...

Army Trials 2017 is almost here

Soldiers from the 1st Armored Division come to the Robert Loeza Soldier Activity Center to relax, study and climb the rock wall.

Major Chantil Minton: Honoring a family memory

The loss of a loved one can be devastating, but after losing her beloved grandmother, Maj. Chantil Minton turned her pain into a passion to help others.

Army Reserve Soldier turns setbacks into a comeback

When Staff Sgt. Marcus Manchaca was injured in a motorcycle accident, it limited his physical activity.

Adaptive Reconditioning Sports; Healing mind, body, and souls

The Texas native earned several awards for his athletic abilities, but he repeatedly injured his ankle over the course of several years.

Soldier set to return to active duty after sustaining injuries by distracted driver in 2014

Rodriguez-Rexroad recently received orders for her next duty station— serving on a mobile repair team at an Army training center.

Skeleton brings out the competitive spirit amongst Soldier On attendees

Skeleton is one of the ‘ice sports' on the Winter Olympic Games program. It requires individuals to ride a small sled down a frozen track.

Body composition assessment held at Warrior Care and Transition headquarters

Among the first activities in advance of the Health Challenge was a body composition assessment.

Whistler winter sports prodigies entertained by Soldier On participants

Whistler British Columbia in Canada is home to a winter Olympic sports venue known the world over.

Camaraderie has no borders at Allied Winter Sports Camp

Service members adorned in ski masks and snow pants gather on the bus for another trip up the mountain

Occupational Therapy: Skills for Enhancing Soldiers lives

Imagine being unable to use your dominant arm, to write or brush your teeth...

White Sox welcome Warrior Games athletes to Guaranteed Rate Field

Representatives from Team Army, Team Marine Corps, Team Navy and Team Special Operations...

Team Army athlete participates in pre-Warrior Games promotions

With the 2017 Department of Defense Warrior Games nearly two months away...

Second Lady Sees Art Therapy in Action at Hawaii Base

Karen Pence, wife of Vice President Mike Pence, visited with military and civilian leaders...

Fort Hood Soldier to announce Dallas Cowboys NFL draft pick

Sgt. 1st Class Shonta Tucker considers herself a die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan...

Mental gauntlet prepares athletes for Army Trials competition

That was the key takeaway for one team of athletes participating in U.S. Army Warrior Care...

Sgt. Dhayana Estrella-Conklin: Embracing life's gifts

Sgt. Dhayana Estrella- Conklin is thankful for every minute of every day....

Cycling event starts five grueling days at the Army Trials

About 80 Soldier and veteran athletes will find out how all their training...

On a trajectory to Team Army

An arrow shot from a compound bow travels around 300 feet per second...

Beyond My Limit

Spots his arrow just before it hits the target during the first day...

The Army Trials Family

The sand no longer clung to their skin, made sticky by the hot sun...

Standing or sitting, the volleyball is still bumped, set, and spiked

For me, being a non-commissioned officer means to lead from the front...

Soldier Athlete -- Lead from the front; inspire others

For me, being a non-commissioned officer means to lead from the front...

Never give up; never surrender"

'Never give up; never surrender!' A catchphrase...

Army Trials: Taking the bronze by a quarter of an inch

We tied for the bronze medal and we had one arrow to fire at the target...

Range coach, passing shooting on to the next generation

Roberts enter the military as a U.S. Marine and later switched...

Specialist Honors fellow Soldiers at Army Trials

For as long as she could remember, Spc. Maria Garcia knew she wanted...

Adaptive Reconditioning: Rebirth at the crossroads

Maj. James Padke's entry into the Army came at the expense...

Police, Marine Corps, and Army meet 'Bull's-Eye' Boyd

After retiring from the police department in Georgia in 2008..."

Comradery is the biggest strength of the Army Trials

When Spec. David Snypes Jr. incurred a devastating injury to his arm..."

Fort Carson Warrior rediscovers swimming

Spc. Jay Marquiss, from the Fort Carson Warrior Transition Unit..."

Shooting for the medal podium

The air rifle and air pistol shooting event took place on April 3...

Army Trials mentors encourage athletes to reach new heights

The three Soldiers along with Capt. Kelly Elmlinger are currently...

From a civil war to Army Trials

Like all the athletes competing at the Army Warrior Care...

Wounded warriors gather at Fort Bliss for Army Trials

Wounded, injured and ill soldiers and veterans from all over the Army ...

Resilience and performance experts help athletes 'get their mind in the game' at Army Trials 2017

After a bad shot at the range, what mental cues can you say to yourself...

Staff Sgt. Gary Smith: Finding hope and inspiration on Ice

After sustaining multiple injuries to his knees, spine, and head over an 18 year period....

Soldiers competing on Memorial Day weekend make volleyball tournament a family affair

For most service members, Memorial Day weekend is a time spent with family and friends ...

Army athletes go for the gold at sitting volleyball camp and tournament

Since 1928, USA Volleyball has been giving athletes from all over the world ..

Wounded warriors and veterans find success after service

The room buzzed as men and women flowed into the conference hall with their briefcases ...

Hiring veterans is good for business

Did you know that many veterans find successful careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) related fields...

Holocaust survivor shares his story with Army Wounded Warrior staff

On paper, the extraordinary life story of Michel Margosis reads like a dramatic tale pulled...

Dhayana Estrella-Conklin: Healing from the inside out

Anxiety, depression and hopelessness. These are emotions associated with mental health...

From near-tragedy to triumph: How one Soldier secured a better future for his family while facing significant challenges

To say that Staff Sgt. Daniel Rivera has overcome obstacles would be an understatement...

Ayandria Barry: A mother's honor

Strategically aligned on Army Wounded Warrior advocate Ayandria Barry's desk...

Army sergeant and Paralympian: "I'm so grateful military nurses put up with me

Retired Lt. Gen. Patricia Horoho (left) shares the spotlight with Sgt. Elizabeth Marks in March...

Strengthening the line

The Warrior Transition Battalion, or WTB, was created to provide personal support to wounded Soldiers...

Warrior Transition Brigade - National Capital Region celebrates 10 year anniversary

Few medical centers in America have the storied history and legacy of Walter Reed...

Angels on and off the battlefield: celebrating nurses week

From the birth of a child to taking care of our wounded, ill, and injured...

U.S. Army marks 10 years of Warrior Transition Brigade

Since 2007, the Army's Warrior Transition Brigade has assisted thousands of injured solders at Walter Reed...

Wounded soldiers look forward to Warrior Games

Brandi Evans can't help but wonder why she has had to go through so much pain...

Veteran James Pierce: Continuing to Serve

On a bright spring morning, as the sun climbed into the sky above the National Mall...

WTB Soldiers head to Illinois for DoD Warrior Games

Three Fort Carson Warrior Transition Battalion Soldiers garnered 13 medals at the Army Trials...

U.S. Army athletes named to U.S. Team for the 2017 Invictus Games

Pfc. Vanessa Donham is not only interested in breaking glass ceilings...

Linda Gomez: Destiny fulfilled

USA Volleyball and Warrior Games Sitting Volleyball coach Linda Gomez is always looking for a solution to a problem. .

Team Army prepares for battle one day ahead of DOD Warrior Games

For first time participants like Staff Sgt. Armando Gonzales from the Fort Hood, Texas Warrior Transition Battalion...

'I refuse to be average,' says Army Sgt. Christopher McGinnis

On a day filled with studio appearances and selfie cameos at the ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut...

Army athletes arrive at the 2017 DoD Warrior Games

Excitement filled the air as buses full of athletes rolled into the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place in downtown Chicago...

Cardboard Boat Race Aids Recovery, Builds Company Pride at Fort Campbell

The Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Campbell, Ky., took adaptive reconditioning to a new level...

Army Soldier finds peace in a childhood sport

While most 14 year-olds are feeling teenage angst, Sgt. Matthew Lumapas was focused in another direction.

Army athlete wins gold in USA Paralympic Track and Field National Championship

June marked the beginning of what Paralympic hopeful Christy Gardner anticipates will be a gold medal summer.

Warrior Care and Transition staff members participate in Army Birthday Run at Joint Base Myers-Henderson Hall

Dozens of Army Medical Command Soldiers and supporters came together at Joint Base Myers-Henderson Hall for a special run....

1st Lt. Steven Olsen: Celebrating a second chance at life

While standing in formation, he says his heart began beating faster than normal...

Warrior Transition Battalion applauds Soldier who took on leadership roles while working through his own transition

Sometimes, Soldiers are called upon to help their comrades in transition while going through a transition of their own. ...

Ride 2 Recovery memorial bicycle challenge provides inspiration for Veterans

Cyclists began their journey in Pentagon City and rode through Virginia, with an overnight stays in Manassas ...

Caring for wounded warriors is a calling for Army Wounded Warrior Advocates

Passion and dedication. These words are the principles Army Wounded Warrior advocates live by when working with wounded, ill and injured Soldiers ...

Keeping fit through Performance Triad

The Army is well known for its physical fitness standards, and the month of June draws awareness to men's health ...

Suicide awareness and prevention training teaches how to ask the 'tough questions

If you suspect that a friend or loved one may be thinking about harming themselves...

Army Warrior Care kicks off first day of 2017 Annual Advocate Training

More than 200 Army Wounded Warrior (AW2) Advocates and staff have traveled from installations...

Staff Sgt. William Ruffin: New Beginnings

Staff Sgt. William Ruffin isn't interested in looking in the past but focused on the future...

Sgt. Kawaiola Nahale: A survivor's story

The dreaded word surfaced when Sgt. Kawaiola Nahale found a lump in her breast...

Veterans serve up love and honor in Virginia

The sweet smell of sweet potato pie, the crunch of finger licking chicken...

After sitting volleyball camp and tournament, Team Army turns focus to Warrior Games

Team Army competed against both national and Paralympic players during the three-day camp and tournament....

Army gold medalist mourns the loss of his shooting coach

It's been a bittersweet summer for 2017 Department of Defense Warrior Games standout Sgt. Patrick Haney.

Chief Warrant Officer 3 Jacqueline Jones: Hard Charged for Success

While her colleagues often describe her as quiet and humble, other adjectives used to describe Chief Warrant Officer 3 Jacqueline Jones include determined and a Hard Charger.

Army Launches Summer Campaign to Get Soldiers Hired

The campaign aims to inform transitioning Soldiers on ways to market themselves for civilian careers and offers companies interested in hiring veterans the opportunity to share advice and network.

Staff Sgt. Altermese L. Kendrick: Guided by Faith

Staff Sgt. Altermese L. Kendrick opened with these words as she led Team Army in its service award ceremony during the 2017 DoD Warrior Games in Chicago.

Sgt. 1st Class Valerie Tucker: The Power of Resilience

On a modest six acre plot of land in Aberdeen, N.C. sits Bellona Canine Training, a Veteran owned and operated business.

Army Team Physician reflects on caring for athletes during Warrior Games

While Army athletes gave their top performances during the 2017 Department of Defense Warrior Games, Team Army's medical team was working behind the scenes to keep them in top shape.

Warrior Care and Transition staff member receives Purple Heart

Army Warrior Care and Transition staff members gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial to honor Beem as he was formally recognized as a Purple Heart recipient.

Master Sgt. Jovan Bowser: Representation for all

Master Sgt. Jovan Bowser is a natural born leader - from the playing field to the battle field

A Warrior's Common Creed

A Warrior's Common Creed...

Warrior Care and Transition Program hosts third annual Human Resources Training Summit

More than 54 Warrior Care and Transition Human Resources Professionals from the 14 enduring Warrior Transition Battalions...

Shooting in the right direction

It is only logical when you shoot an arrow from its bow it will travel in the direction you aim...

Veteran Staff Sgt. Randi Hobson: Soldier for life

For retired Staff Sgt. Randi Hobson, the 2017 DoD Warrior Games is bittersweet...

The Art of the Table: An Inside Look at the Fort Bliss Cooking Club

Adaptive reconditioning activities play an essential role in aiding the care and recovery of Soldiers...

Just a little game between friends

When you walk into the United Center you are met by murals of Chicago Bulls' legends ...

2017 Department of Defense Warrior Games has Hall of Famers too

From the opening ceremonies featuring two Grammy Awards winners in Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton, former television......

The road to "Return to Duty"

For Soldiers competing in the 2017 Department of Defense Warrior Games, several months of their lives are dedicated ......

Altermese Kendrick: Army Strong

Chaplain Assistant's Staff Sgt. Altermese Kendrick would come to lean on her positive attitude....

More than a spirited rivalry lives at DOD Warrior Games

There was plenty of noise made by raucous family members and fans of the Army and Navy sitting volleyball teams ....

Ambassadors, Coaches Support DoD Warrior Games Athletes

Military members and veterans competing here this week at the 2017 Department of Defense Warrior Games are getting support...

Spc. Mitchell Bombeck: A family legacy of teamwork and service

Those who know Spc. Mitchell Bombeck say, at a young age, he chose to serve our country, but in reality, service chose him...

Warrior Games help wounded service members and veterans heal

The Department of Defense's eighth annual Warrior Games drew together 265 athletes from all branches...

Throwing into the cheap seats

If you were not at Soldier Field on July 5, you were in the wrong place and missed something special.

The superhero in James Pradke's family

A first-time competitor at the Warrior Games, Pradke, 46, will ride a recumbent bike in cycling on Thursday...

Warrior Games bring about change for family members

Retired Command Sgt. Major Tuli Malauulu doesn't consider himself an emotional man, but ...

No Holding Back This Warrior Athlete

Words such as "can't" or "no" seemingly do not apply to 2017 DoD Warrior Games athlete Christy Gardner.

Warrior Games open for wounded athletes

As comedian Jon Stewart and Navy Adm. John Richardson, chief of naval operations, announced the official opening of the 2017 Department of Defense...

Soldier Represents Team, Women at Warrior Games

Sanchez said she is proud to represent the Army, and female service members.

Army competes for more than medals

Team Army used every ounce of determination to power their way to the medal round in wheelchair basketball.

Wrigley Field hosts Family Day for Warrior Games athletes

They've been competing all week, but the Warrior Games athletes took the day off to enjoy 4th of July festivities.

Hitting the track on all cylinders

True to form, the windy city blew and swirled in all different directions at the Lane Technical College Preparatory High School track...

Resiliency runs in the family at 2017 Department of Defense Warrior Games

Over a dull roar in a packed gymnasium at the McCormick Center in Chicago, IL..

Team Army takes the windy city by storm

Not even the bright shining sun could match the smiles on the faces of Team Army as they entered Wrigley Field.

Rolling with the punches: Spc. Jay Marquiss on staying resilient through unexpected setbacks

Spc. Jay Marquiss was like any other young Soldier working towards a rewarding military career.

Athletes Run, Roll to Finish During Warrior Games Track Events

Athletes at the 2017 Department of Defense Warrior Games competed yesterday in track events...

Opening Ceremony sets the tone for a "first of its kind" Warrior Games

More than 21,000 people packed Soldier Field for an event filled with big names..

2017 Department of Defense Warrior Games provides hope for Soldiers and their Families

Sgt. 1st Class Earl Ohlinger has his own private cheering squad...

Athletes Compete at 2017 Warrior Games track event

The indomitable spirit of the athletes of the 2017 Warrior Games shined through during the track competition...

Warrior Games athletes continue to compete Sunday in Chicago

Warrior Games athletes continued to compete Sunday, participating in the track competition...

Army Athletes Smash Track Records at Warrior Games

As wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans representing American, British and Australian teams take to the track today...

Army Veteran Pushes Through PTSD; Hopes to Break Records

As wounded, ill and injured service members and veterans representing American, British and Australian teams take to the track today...

A Warrior's Way: The fighting spirit of Christy Gardner

Christy Gardner was excited and nervous -- but also a little afraid of doing a face-plant....

Former national shooting standout steps up to the firing line at 2017 DOD Warrior Games

For high school athletes, setting a national record in their respective sport is an achievement ...

Col. Daniel Dudek honors family at 2017 DOD Warrior Games

On a cool summer morning on the Northside of Chicago, Col. Daniel Dudek..

Staff Sgt. Charles Hightower: A story of Redemption

Staff Sgt. Charles Hightower was destined to join the military.

Team Army sitting volleyball team, looking to get even

Quick momentum swings and ball control characterized Team Army's hard-fought loss to United States Special Operations Command ...

Walter Reed launches equine activity for Soldiers in transition

A new activity at the Walter Reed Warrior Transition Battalion is giving Soldiers in transition the chance to get back to basics with the help of some four-legged friends.

Army athletes celebrate impressive performance at the 2017 Warrior Games

When Team Army arrived in Chicago, Ill. for the 2017 Department of Defense Warrior Games

Army's Soldier for Life - Transition Assistance Program celebrates the success of its "Hire a Soldier" campaign

The Soldier for Life - Transition Assistance Program recently wrapped up its inaugural "Hire a Soldier" campaign which sought to match Soldiers in transition with career experts and employers looking to hire Soldiers transitioning from the Army.

Former Garrison Commander finds a pathway to farming for transitioning service members and Veterans

Retired Army Col. Gary LaGrange is eager to help Soldiers and Veterans get their hands dirty.

Inaugural training summit focuses on empowering and educating Family Readiness Professionals

The first time Linda Rasnake entered the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center, she was there as a caregiver for her husband

Life after injury and illness: The program providing options for Wounded Warriors who still want to serve

For seriously injured, ill or wounded Soldiers, being told they must transition from the Army can be a devastating blow.

WCT works to improve the goal setting process for Soldiers in transition

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - For Soldiers in transition, goal setting can be one of the most important steps towards a successful recovery and a bright future.

Michael Stephens: Virtual Fitness Challenge

The end of the 2017 Warrior Games sparked the beginning of a new journey for Army veteran Spc. Michael Stephens.

Staff Sgt. Stephen Sprague: Defying the Odds

As a combat medic, Staff Sgt. Stephen Sprague is trained and prepared for a crisis, but nothing could prepare him for a cancer diagnosis: not once but twice.

Depression impacts readiness": How mental health issues affect Soldiers, particularly women

Department of Defense health experts say approximately 13% of all deployed service members suffer from depression, and nearly 6% of those who have never deployed are dealing with the same.

Invictus Volunteers, lending a helping hand

Teresa Chorneawski is currently logging 22,000 Fitbit steps a day, twice the amount recommended by the American Heart Association.

From the gun line to the starting line

Field artillerymen rarely get to see their target when a fire mission is sent to be executed. The gun line is located miles from the enemy and it requires precise teamwork to defeat a target you cannot see.

Opening Ceremony of Invictus Games reveals unconquered warrior spirit

All eyes are currently on Toronto for the 2017 Invictus Games, but for Staff Sgt. Bobby Green, his focus lies on former fallen or wounded, ill and injured Soldiers who are unable to compete..

Bobby Green: Together by chance, united by choice

All eyes are currently on Toronto for the 2017 Invictus Games, but for Staff Sgt. Bobby Green, his focus lies on former fallen or wounded, ill and injured Soldiers who are unable to compete.

The Invictus Games: The very best of the human spirit

With the countdown just hours away from the 2017 Invictus Games, his Royal Highness Prince Harry joined a panel of Veterans, caregivers, as well as leadership from charitable, research, medical and government sectors to discuss the vital role families play in a Wounded Warrior recovery.

1st Lt. Adriana De Hoyos: Curiosity and a field of dreams

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but for 1st Lt. Adriana De Hoyos, it opened up a world of possibilities for her future.

One continuous knot goes a long way

Boy and Girl Scouts across America have long made parachute cord or paracord bracelets for themselves as a useful craft . .

House crashers: Hofstra Athletics welcome Team US to campus

Normally, coming home to find someone you don't know hanging out and using your stuff would make you upset and annoyed to say the least.

Team US opens Invictus Games 2017 training camp

In just five days, 550 competitors representing 17 nations from around the world will compete against each other at the Invictus Games 2017 in Toronto. .

Army Warrior Care and Transition staff reaps the rewards of 26 Week Health Challenge

Summer is a time for soaking up the sun, taking vacations and getting fit.

Christy Gardner: Healing on ice

Thanksgiving came a little early for retired Army Sgt. Christy Gardner.

A Good Paddling Always Helps

ARLINGTON, Va. - Standing up in a boat on water doesn't seem like a very smart thing to do .

Reverse Job Fair Offers Employment Opportunities for Soldiers

Let's face it, we've all been through it at least one time in our lives – seeking employment at a job fair and winding up with more frustration than you bargained for.

Making Waves That Heal

If water is considered a healer, then being on Alexandria Bay, in all its majesty, could be the equivalent of having the head doctor of the hospital at your beck and call.

Soldiers in transition at Fort Carson use adaptive reconditioning to reach new heights

Staff Sgt. Yvonne Mace says she had never taken a ride on a mountain bike before entering the Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Carson, Colo.

Veterans hit the court in the name of healing

Throughout his nearly 25 year military career, Sgt. 1st Class Darryl Jackson's sports resume reads like a laundry list .

Fort Carson Cadre and staff take a leap of faith to help Soldiers heal

If ever there were an eighth wonder of the world named, staff members and cadre from the Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Carson, Colo. say the Seven Falls – a series of seven cascading waterfalls in Colorado Springs, would come close to landing the title.

Failure to Thrive Will Kill You

If you put a Soldier's uniform on at any point in your life, the phrase "failure is not an option" has crossed your brain a time or two. During Warrior Care Month, Army Warrior Care and Transition would like to shed light on one of the country's most famous wounded warriors, Max Cleland.

Life with Lizzy

The saying goes "all dogs go to heaven," but for many service dogs, their time on earth is spent helping people who have seen more than the average human being. Such is the case for Master Sgt. Leigh Michel and her service dog Lizzy.

Handicap "able"

Sgt. Mark Green found himself at the Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Bragg, N. C. after sustaining severe injuries to his feet.

A Kid's Level

Human Resources Staff Sgt. Alma Ramnanan is quite accomplished as a mother, a Soldier and a strong competitor. After injuring a knee in 2015, Ramnanan arrived at the Fort Benning, Ga. Warrior Transition Battalion.

Sgt. Brandi Evans: Pushing the limits

U.S. Army veteran Sgt. Brandi Evans is always up for a challenge. A long time sports enthusiast, the Colorado native played volleyball, basketball and ran track all her life.

Staff Sgt. Archina Twitty: Pioneer Trailblazer

Some psychologists say one thing you can bet your paycheck on is that the first born child will be a leader in some regard.

Can't keep a good woman down

The Academy Award winning film Forest Gump brought with it a number of memorable quotes and life lessons, chief among them being...

Life Changes on a Dime

Ten Soldiers from the Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Bragg, N.C. traveled to Breezy Point, N.Y. for a once in a life time experience.

With the ending of the Invictus Games, Army athletes look ahead to the future

As the Invictus Games 2017 came to a close on September 30, the athletes, families and fans in attendance were reflecting on the many accomplishments of the 17 teams in attendance.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Turning pain into purpose

Power, manipulation, intimidation and often death. These are all symptoms or issues associated with domestic violence.

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' on the Army Ten Miler!

Staff Sgt. Ross Alewine of Fort Belvoir Warrior Transition Battalion has seen his share of combat, and injuries.

The Pottery scene from "Ghost"… it's real

What does clay, water, a wheel and fire have in common? If you said a picnic off the Chattahoochee River in Georgia you would be correct…

Anthony Pone: A tale of two countries

When Army veteran Anthony Pone began his military career in 2000, he had no idea where life would take him.

Soaring above the net

The Team U.S. sitting volleyball squad worked their way to the medal rounds at the 2017 Invictus Games in front of a packed, electrified crowd in the Mattamy Athletics Centre, on September 27.

Sport to sport, with no break in between

The Invictus Games gathered 17 nations and over 500 service member athletes to Toronto on September 23.

Speaking the same language, running the same race

"Language can sometimes lead to confusion. At the 2017 Invictus Games hosted by the city of Toronto, words, however, are not needed to express the emotion of the 500 plus athletes from 17 nations.

Team U.S. Gliding to a bronze victory

Weighing approximately 35 pounds of steel and aluminum and used by wheelchair rugby participants who clanked and collided across the floor of a crowded Ryerson's Mattamy Athletic Center in Toronto.

Randi Hobson: Warrior Athlete -Warrior Mom

A swimming pool is where Retired Staff Sgt. Randi Hobson is most comfortable- understandably, she's making waves and causing quite a stir in Toronto at the 2017 Invictus Games.

North of the border and through the woods

The Invictus Games cycling event began on September 26, and ended the following day with more turns, twists, and screaming cycles of all kinds in scenic High Park, here in Toronto than you could shake a stick at.

Veterans Health and Research a Top Priority at Invictus

I cannot begin to explain to you what these Games have meant to me. It was difficult to get off the couch after my injuries. .

Invictus Games provides Veterans with post military employment opportunities

Invictus Games brought about more than sport for many participants.

Spc. Courtney Jones: Out front making history – Giving cancer the boot

Strong, smart, driven, determined - One would be surprised to find...

Come as you are

The ordeal of finding a job can be intimidating to say the least.

Giving thanks for hope

No one ever says, "I'd really like it if my shoulder would pop out of its place and cause me great pain...

A smile can truly help

Depression is nothing to smile about, but for Sgt. 1st Class Ricardo Rolden, a smile was all it took...

Fort Riley tackles readiness using "Right Soldier, Right Reason."

The Army's 1st Infantry Division at Ft. Riley, Kan. has reduced their non-deployable population by more than...

The "Art" of adapting

Sgt. 1st Class Darryl Jackson used to be an athlete. Like a lot of kids, sports was the time occupier that became the time consumer.

A tall task, but well worth it

The average career Army Soldier enters between 19 and 22 years of age.

Sgt.1st Class John Dvorak: In "Beast Mode"

Sgt. 1st Class John Dvorak knows how to make lemonade out of life’s lemons.

Retired U.S. Army 1st Sgt. Anthony Thomas: Living the dream

If you ask retired U.S. Army 1st Sgt. Anthony Thomas what his dream job is, he’ll respond emphatically.

Pushing to new heights

Oh the frustration to get things done the way we want. How often have we used the figure of speech "I'm climbing the walls here?"

Put yourself in my shoes...

You never know what someone else is going through until you put yourself in their shoes for a moment... Often times that moment needs a little motivation.

Mind over matter: The benefits of visualization in adaptive sports

When an athlete steps onto his or her respective playing field, they've usually gone through all the physical rigors to train their bodies to perform.

Invictus Wrap up - "It takes a village"

Per Webster's Dictionary, Invictus means "Unconquered, unsubdued, invincible". Prince Harry knew what he was doing when he established the Invictus Games in 2014 following a visit to the 2013 Warrior Games.

Yoga classes helping to put "Warriors at Ease"

Any given morning on Schofield Barracks, you may come across a circle of Soldiers methodically following the yoga movements echoed by their teacher in the middle, Army veteran Joan Benitez.

Walking to the "Promised Land"

When you see Jonathan Hannaman hobbling with his cane one might wonder the roads he's traveled and what stories that cane could tell if it could talk.

Soldier has new motivation to compete and push through

While assigned to the 4th Infantry Division at Fort Hood, Texas. Sgt. Samuel Daniels helped with the setup, teardown, and check- in of spectators for the Central Regional Trials.

Capt. Jonathan Laton: Healing and stronger and faster.....

"During my deployment to Egypt I had the opportunity to learn how to scuba dive. I had a small fear of drowning and saw scuba diving as a means to overcome a fear.

Road to 2018 DoD Warrior Games opens at Schofield Barracks

The road to the 2018 Department of Defense Warrior Games has officially opened at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii as Regional Health Command – Pacific begins its Regional Trials.

CVS Health has a new prescription for Veterans: helping them find jobs

Pethan, a manager with CVS's Talent Connect Center is passionate about helping veterans find employment.

Warrior Games veteran back for round two

Retired U.S. Army Spc. Jay Vaina has returned this year in hopes of being afforded another opportunity to represent Team Army at the Department of Defense Warrior Games.

Cancer survivor prepares to return to duty

Tripler Army Medical Center kicked off this year's Warrior Care Month activities with a special guest speaker, Sgt. Jonathan Nichols, who is participating in this week's Pacific Regional Trials.

Staff Sgt. Robert Davis: Seeing is believing

Imagine being an artist and sculptor and living in a world with limited sight. For the past six years this has been the reality for retired Army Staff Sgt. Robert Davis.

Sgt. William Parson: Playing the hand you're dealt

Whomever coined the phrase "Only the strong survive" must have been thinking about Sgt. William Parson. While preparing for a morning brief on September 1, 2015, Parson suffered a stroke.

"Rapid" recovery!

Several Soldiers assigned to the Fort Bragg Warrior Transition Battalion traveled to Charlotte, N.C. to experience a different type of team building, the sink or swim kind.

Playing in the water

Water Polo. It's real and it is gaining in popularity. Think of it as a high energy sport that combines basketball and soccer, but it's played in the pool.

Cycling for the soul

Just when you think you've done what you can, that little voice says "do more." Wounded Warriors at the Warrior Transition Battalion, Fort Bragg, N.C. can definitely subscribe to that notion.

The Painter's Vision

Army Spc. Mike Painter has vision beyond any classical artist or artisan.

Sgt. Aaron Averre: Miracles do happen...

Sgt. Aaron Averre is a walking, talking miracle...Shortly before Christmas of 2016, he suffered his first of many seizures.

Maj. Jimmy McNair: Finding the light

Over the course of his life, Maj. Jimmy McNair has worn many hats - Naval aviator, Army officer, husband and father.

In pursuit of the infamous title as "Ultimate Champion"

The Department of Defense Warrior Games Ultimate Champion is a pentathlon style event that pits warriors against each other in a variety of disciplines.

The "why" as Regional Health Command - Atlantic Warrior Games Trials concludes

After a week of training, more than 100 Army wounded warriors completed five days of fun and friendly competition Thursday, December 7

Sgt. 1st Class Julio Rodriquez - Return to Duty thru Adaptive Reconditioning

Sgt. 1st Class Julio Rodriquez is participating in his third Regional Health Command – Atlantic Regional Warrior Games Trials with hopes of being selected to attend the Warrior Care and Transition 2018 Army Trials.

(Ret) Chief Warrant Officer 3 Michael Caselle: Turning pain into passion

During his 25 years tenure, (Ret) Chief Warrant Officer 3 Michael Caselle faced many tough assignments.

Command Sgt. Maj. Jerome Wren: Navigating life's unexpected path

As a policy maker and administrator in the Army, Command Sgt. Maj. Jerome Wren never expected to end up in a Warrior Transition Battalion.

(Ret) Col. Gregory D. Gadson, U.S Army Veteran receives 2017 Henry Viscardi, Jr. Achievement Award

Decorated Soldier, actor, artist, motivational speaker, and now retired U.S. Army Col. Gregory D. Gadson can add the 2017 Viscardi Achievement Award to the list of his honors.

A labor of love: Lead organizer opens up about hosting Regional Trials at Fort Benning

If you ask Jarnetta Fowler just what goes into hosting an event like the 2017 Atlantic Regional Trials, she can identify a list of key tasks without hesitation.

War made the partnership…love sustains it

An Army Major, an Army Captain and Civilian all walked into the country of Georgia

The Night Before Christmas in WCT

T’was the Night before Christmas in the WCT Stories of triumph and valor that you must reread.

Physical Therapy That Will Not Quit

Make no mistake. Lindsey Davison is a tough physical therapist. She wants results.

Ready, set, go – Regional Health Command - Atlantic Regional Warrior Games Trials begins

More than 100 Army wounded warriors from Warrior Transition Battalions and Community Care Units...

Archived Events
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Zika Virus

The U.S. Army is taking the Zika virus very seriously and assisting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in any way possible.

Army Soldier and Veteran Athletes Team Up for 2016 Invictus Games

The Army announced the Soldier and Veteran athletes who will represent the U.S. military and compete in the 2016 Invictus Games in Orlando, Florida, May 8-12.

Team Army Set to Excel at 2016 Department of Defense Warrior Games

Army athletes will compete in eight sports against Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, U.S. Special Operations Command and United Kingdom Armed Forces teams.

I Am Poster

I Am Poster pdf for download and print.

Invictus Games 2016

Many Service men and women suffer life-changing injuries, both visible and invisible, while serving their countries.

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Invictus Games star Sgt. Elizabeth Marks to receive Tillman Award at ESPYs

A sergeant who earned four gold medals swimming at this year's Invictus Games will add to her hardware collection July 13 when she receives the Pat Tillman Award.

AW2 commander talks adaptive sports

I have the great honor of being the director of the Army's Wounded Warrior Program (AW2).

Casing ceremony marks new era for Warrior Transition Command

Carrying out a time-honored military tradition, Col. Chris Toner and Sgt. Maj. Eric Andreis formally cased the colors of the WTC during a June 24 ceremony.

Casing ceremony marks new era for Warrior Transition Command

Carrying out a time-honored military tradition, Col. Chris Toner and Sgt. Maj. Eric Andreis formally cased the colors of the WTC during a June 24 ceremony.

Zika Virus

Links to Useful Information.

Warrior Transition Command reveals new name and logo

The U.S. Army Warrior Transition Command (WTC), headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, has revealed its new organizational name and logo.

(2016 MASP Documentary) Beyond Victory: Recovery Through Military Adaptive Sports

The Military Adaptive Sports Program (MASP) focuses on the recovery of wounded, ill or injured service members through instructional clinics, camps and competitive trials.

Former soldier thriving in adaptive sports

Stephanie Morris, an Army specialist who was injured in Afghanistan, rediscovers herself through adaptive sports.

Warrior Care and Transition Program hosts second Human Resources Training Summit

The Warrior Care and Transition Program (WCTP) Compliance and Oversight Directorate held its second Human Resources Training Summit.

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Army Honors Wounded, Ill and Injured Soldiers during Warrior Care Month

Each November the Army honors wounded, ill and injured Soldiers and their Families by commemorating Warrior Care Month.

Adaptive Reconditioning Program

The Army's Adaptive Reconditioning Program is a holistic and comprehensive program individually tailored for each Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) Soldier.

Valued team member says goodbye to Army Warrior Care and Transition, begins civilian career

Dependable, knowledgeable, determined are just a few of the many attributes bestowed upon Sgt. 1st Class Emily Anderson as friends and colleagues bid farewell to her.

MEDCOM Ombudsman Program helps family members navigate their Soldier's medical issues

The medical arena can be difficult to navigate after being wounded, ill or injured. For family members, navigating it can be extremely overwhelming and confusing.

Mark Skinner: Exploring new territory

Staff Sgt. Mark Skinner has been busy exploring the question why? His curious scientific mind is preparing him for a career in teaching as he heads towards medical retirement.

Maj. Vonkeith Jackson: A story of Love and Sacrifice

What happens when you mix a mother's love for her son and a twist of fate? The makings of a great soldier; Maj. Vonkeith Jackson.

Tammy Burton Smith: True Survivor

Tammy Burton-Smith doesn't need a genie in a bottle to grant her three wishes, she simply wanted one; to remain in the Army forever.

Wounded veterans and service members learn more than just fly fishing

More than 70 veterans, volunteers and support staff attended Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF) Sixth Annual Fly Fest Dec. 2-4.

Community members thanked at open house

From scuba to adaptive skiing, and from career assistance to financial donations, community organizations are an integral part to supporting the recovery of Soldiers.

Lt. Gen. West delivers keynote address during Leaders Training Summit

As the keynote speaker of the Leaders Training Summit held at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, the Surgeon General of the U.S. Army and Commanding General

Summit facilitates dialogue on warrior care topics

How can the Deputy Chief of Staff, Warrior Care and Transition add value to a Warrior Transition Battalion?

Triad of Care important part of warrior's recovery process

Each Soldier within the Warrior Transition Battalion has a Triad of Care, and they are at the center of this symbolic triangle.

Archived Events

Demonstrating resilience: increasing mental and physical strength through adaptive reconditioning

Did you know that adaptive reconditioning contributes to a successful recovery for Soldiers, whether they are transitioning back to Active duty or to civilian life?

WTU Soldier ‘grounds' flying fears for lifetime opportunity

Sgt. Robert Day loves everything about flying except for one thing: the airborne part.

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Strike leads Performance Triad pilot program

An Army-wide initiative to ensure Soldiers and their Families are provided tools and information to lead a healthier lifestyle.

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