Army Trials 2017

Warrior Care and Transition will host Army Trials 2017, April 2-6, at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Tx. About 80 wounded, ill and injured active-duty Soldiers and veterans from across the country will compete for the opportunity to represent Team Army at the 2017 DoD Warrior Games, June 30 - July 8, in Chicago.

Throughout the week of competition, wounded warriors will compete in archery, cycling, track, field, shooting, sitting volleyball, swimming and wheelchair basketball. Army Trials showcase the resilient spirit of wounded, ill and injured Soldiers and veterans. Participants include athletes with upper-body, lower-body and spinal cord injuries; amputations; serious illnesses; traumatic brain injuries; visual impairment and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Athlete Journey

In Warrior Transition Units (WTUs), medical professionals and Adaptive Reconditioning Coordinators work with recovering Soldiers to include adaptive activities and sports as part of their individualized Comprehensive Transition Plan (CTP). Those Soldiers can then choose to begin the path to Army Trials by participating in unit level competitions and then Army Regional Trials. After advancing from Regional Trials, athletes head to Army Trials where they work with expert coaches, sports trainers, and nutritionists to prepare for the competitions. This rigorous adaptive reconditioning training enhances the recovery of individual Soldiers, regardless of whether they ultimately qualify for the DoD Warrior Games. 

Athletes possessing professionalism, team spirit and the best qualifying times and/or scores are selected to compete on Team Army in the DoD Warrior Games.

2017 Army Trials Competition Schedule

Date Time (UTC) Event Location
02 Apr 17
0700 Cycling Tank Trail Caisson and Rifleman
1800 Medal Presentation Soto Gym
1900-2100 WCBB Assesment Soto Gym
03 Apr 17
0800 Shooting Finals Milam Gym
1800 Medal Presentation Soto Gym
1900-2100 SVB Assessment Soto Gym
04 Apr 17
0800 Archery Finals Stout
1800 Medal Presentation Soto Gym
1900-2100 WCBB Assessment Soto Gym
05 Apr 17
0800 Track Field Milam Gym
1800 Medal Presentation Soto Gym
1900-2100 SVB Assessment Soto Gym
06 Apr 17
0800 Swimming Finals Aquatic Center

Swimming medal presentation during intermission

TBD Closing Event TBD

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